Juliette is committed to supporting as many people as possible to understand and accept the differences they perceive in others, in order that judgement and unhealthy conflict are replaced by love, compassion and honest communication.

Her aim is for them to experience the joy and peace of living authentically from their hearts in order that they can experience the love they desire, in relationship with themselves and those around them.


Her vision is a world full of self-expressed, joyful and loving individuals connected and living in harmony with each other.

Values – what matters most to her

  • Integrity / honesty
  • Connection / intimacy
  • Learning / growth
  • Spirituality
  • Nurturing
  • Respect, love and compassion
  • Positive and effective communication
  • Fun and life balance

Juliette walks the talk and is totally committed to her own personal and relationship development.  She stresses that she’s not perfect, but tries to always learn from her mistakes!


I was feeling overwhelmed by my feelings and emotions and was uncertain and worried about my relationship and our future….With Juliette’s help and gentle guidance I was able to explore resolutions and choices that improved my relationship and made me happier.Heather M.