Learning to express feelings – Matt A

“As a bloke I thought, at a difficult time in our marriage, it was easier to keep quiet rather than try and discuss issues or feelings. After the first session with Juliette it was obvious that one of the reasons for our difficulties was this approach. However the key is learning how to improve this and beginning to make things better with more open communication.

Juliette is quite simply amazing at identifying behavioural ‘bad habits’ and crucially she can tackle them head on without making either party feel awkward, or in the wrong.

We ended up having 5 sessions and the difference in our relationship and marriage is staggering. If you are stuck in a rut, bottling things up and ‘points scoring’ with your partner, you need Juliette to help you and trust me, she will.”

Communicating more effectively – Mr & Mrs D

“Thank you for making such a difference in our lives!  We have been together for many years, but had recently started to grow apart and were close to splitting up.  We realised that we had to do something to get back on track – after some initial reluctance we decided to get help from “outside”.  We are so glad that we completed a course of relationship coaching with you – it was invaluable to have help from an independent third party, and your honest yet compassionate and flexible approach has helped us to communicate much more effectively.  As a result we have started an exciting new phase in our marriage!  If other couples are having problems, we would strongly recommend that they contact you to see if your approach would work for them, as it has for us.”

Improving a relationship – Heather M

“I was feeling overwhelmed by my feelings and emotions and was uncertain and worried about my relationship and our future.  I was confused by the responsibilities and choices I was feeling compelled to make.  Working with Juliette though provided me with much needed time, space and expertise to understand and manage my feelings and emotions in a safe, unbiased environment.  With her help and gentle guidance I was able to explore resolutions and choices that improved my relationship and made me happier.”

Learning how to communicate – Mr & Mrs S

“Things were pretty dire when we started seeing Juliette, and I can confidently say that without her support and coaching we would not have stayed together. She taught us both how to communicate properly.  To be honest, it also helped me in relationships outside of my marriage (both personally and professionally).  Her ability to listen and challenge and really get to the bottom of issues is amazing.  I wish we hadn’t taken as long as we did to start seeing her!”

Having difficult conversations – Mike, Company Director

“Juliette was my Coach for two years during which time I learned a huge amount about myself and working with others.

One of the most valuable things for me was my increase in self-awareness. Just noticing my beliefs, reactions and assumptions has given me the chance to make different choices about how I think, behave and react. Now my relationships with colleagues, staff and my family seem more relaxed and somehow easier…people who work with me on a daily basis have noticed the difference, as has my wife!

Having what I would previously have called “difficult conversations” with colleagues and staff is no longer an onerous task or one I actively avoid.”

Starting a new life – TJ of Berkshire

“I went to see Juliette when my relationship with my husband had broken down but I did not have the courage to leave the marriage.

Needless to say I did leave him but not without the help of my ‘spine lady’ as Juliette was fondly referred to by my close friends. From feeling completely downtrodden and lacking confidence, Juliette helped me to ‘re-grow’ my backbone and I finally had the self-belief to do what was true to me.

Juliette, I cannot thank you enough!”

Improving relationships with children – Sarah L

“I came to Juliette specifically to deal with my relationship with my eldest daughter.

It was clear to me that if I carried on behaving in the way I was, we would always clash and I wanted to learn different strategies to help me cope better with her behaviour.

Juliette has helped guide me through the minefield. She listens carefully, is never judgemental, allows you space to let go of emotions that may be holding you back and makes you feel safe and heard during the process.

As a result of my sessions with Juliette, not only does my relationship with my eldest run more smoothly, it has also had a knock on effect in the way I deal with my other two kids. Our home is quieter with less confrontation and we all feel calmer for it.”

Making changes in life – Tina C

“Coming to see Juliette has changed my life.

What I really love about her is her ability to help you listen to yourself, challenge yourself and move forward in making the changes needed to really improve your life.

Juliette also listened to what I was not saying. We didn’t talk about what I originally planned at the first session, we sorted out things that were MUCH more important.

After that session I cut down my work hours giving me some ‘me’ time and, crucially, much more time for the most important thing in my life – my family.  A huge dark cloud was lifted as I made the changes needed and I love my work even more now as I’m not working crazy hours.

I cannot thank Juliette enough for what she helped me achieve over just four sessions. The impact on my life has been so amazing and priceless,  I have now booked four more.”

Making decisions together – Emma & Claire

“We had been looking for a ‘third person’ to help us to face a number of issues and make a positive change to rekindle our enthusiasm. Juliette’s unique mix of relationship and business experience made her the obvious choice for us. She worked with us as a pair, and individually, to delve into the depths of what makes us tick, how our personality traits could hold us back,  how we could face making a decision and make steps towards a new venture.  Her ability to keep us honest and focused was invaluable.  We feel we would not have been able to move forward without her direction and encouragement. Thank you Juliette!”