Improve communication through self-awareness

Improve communication before you speak

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You can improve communication skills by changing more than how you talk to someone else. We talk to ourselves all the time.  Being aware of our own internal dialogue before a conversation is key to helping us improve communication with others. Just now, bring to mind how you feel before you have a conversation you think might be difficult. Perhaps …

More happiness is a choice

Happiness – How to have more in 2016

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If you’d like more happiness in your life, all you need to do is change some of the choices you make. Yes, it’s that simple. Life offers us many challenges – a traffic jam when we’re in a hurry; rain on a wedding day or perhaps worse; illness or loss.  It can feel like these things are happening “to us” …

Dealing with criticism

Dealing with Criticism

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Dealing with criticism can be challenging. By making just a few adjustments to how you interact with it means you potentially create a substantial change – in any relationship. No-one is naturally critical. Judgements and criticism can surface when there is frustration and the quality of communication is deteriorating. Criticism is generally just a confused and often ineffective way of …

Valentine’s Day – how to do more than survive it

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Valentine’s Day and it’s origins are described in several legends. Although they’re all different, they have one thing in common: a focus on love. Not romantic love, but love for others, expressed through acts of generosity, kindness or selflessness. Be loving on Valentine’s Day This Valentine’s Day, my invitation to you is to express your loving in this way, so …

Perfection or Excellence?

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Hands up if you’re a perfectionist. I am – or rather – I used to be. I used to think my need for perfection came from my father. There are only a few professions where anything less than perfection is completely unacceptable. Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers for example, don’t have a lot of room for error in their work.  …

Simple self-awareness can make a difference – Personal Development

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You may have heard the saying “simple awareness is curative”. It means that just by becoming more self-aware, you are likely to change. If you change, you are likely to create change around you – which includes change within your relationships. Clients often come to me in the hope that I will be able to suggest ways they can change …