Relationship Coaching – The Benefits

Juliette Smith offers relationship helpA relationship coach can help you find and identify the obstacles that stand in the way of you having the relationships you want.

By admitting you may be having difficulty and getting a fresh perspective from someone else, you open yourself up to a more positive experience of life.

Whether you want to:

A relationship coach can show you new ways of achieving your relationship goals, while still maintaining the authentic attributes that define you as an individual.  You will also benefit by learning how to take a proactive approach to solving problems.

Relationship coaching and guidance

My approach to relationship coaching is to focus on positive change, rather than on the relationship problems, which has often been the way of more traditional relationship counselling.

The first thing I generally ask my clients is “what do you want?”, rather than “what brings you here?”  In my experience, it’s easier to create change when we focus on the possibilities of the future rather than the challenges of the past.

Imagine being clear, not only on what you really want in your life and the steps to get it, but also being empowered to take those steps with confidence and optimism.

Personal Development and Self-Awareness

Part of my intention as a relationship coach is to help my clients (whether they are part of a relationship or not) improve their self-awareness. Becoming more aware of what is going on inside ourselves and being able to manage our thoughts and emotions helps us choose how to respond, rather than simply react – whether to another person or a situation.

Practical tools to improve your relationships and your life

You will already have many skills and strengths and with my relationship help you will learn how you can use them to create the experiences you want in life.

As a relationship coach, I can also give you different perspectives and tools so you can

  • let go of the past
  • understand, accept and deal with differences between you and another – whether at work or at home
  • listen more deeply – to yourself and others
  • improve your communication skills
  • feel more confident
  • reduce your stress levels
To find out more about my relationship coaching, call to arrange a free 20 minute telephone consultation 0800 612 8416


I was feeling overwhelmed by my feelings and emotions and was uncertain and worried about my relationship and our future….With Juliette’s help and gentle guidance I was able to explore resolutions and choices that improved my relationship and made me happier.Heather M.