Building Relationships – at Work and at Home

With your colleagues

Colleagues-in-a-Meeting2Within any organisation, whether it comprises 2 or 2000 people, the level of its success is dependent on how its people relate to each other.

I can support you to develop stronger and more powerful working relationships with your colleagues and your clients.

If you would you like

  • to improve your relationships with peers or superiors
  • more confidence in your leadership role
  • stronger customer relationship skills
  • to communicate more effectively

I can help.  I can meet with you at your workplace, at my office in Berkshire or we can speak by Skype or telephone.

Building relationships with a partner, a friend or someone else close to you


  • Do you want to rekindle the feelings you once had for a partner?
  • Is your communication focussed on the practical, rather than the intimate?
  • Would you like to be closer and more honest with a friend?
  • Are there recurring issues that limit an otherwise good relationship with anyone in your life?

Honesty, trust, and good communication are key to a good relationship.  Don’t give up hope if you feel your relationship no longer has these.

Learning new skills and developing new perspectives will make a difference.

In just one short coaching programme, you can learn:

  • Invaluable communication techniques
  • To understand and accept the differences between you and another
  • How to connect at a level that will create the intimacy you crave
  • How to be yourself when you’re with someone else

Call to arrange a free 20 minute telephone consultation 0800 612 8416


I was feeling overwhelmed by my feelings and emotions and was uncertain and worried about my relationship and our future….With Juliette’s help and gentle guidance I was able to explore resolutions and choices that improved my relationship and made me happier.Heather M.