Family Problems

If you are looking for relationship help with family problems, whether with other adults or children – particularly teenagers – I can help.

Family relationships can be difficult, delicate and full of emotion but with outside support you can break many of the unhealthy patterns you and your family have developed in how you relate.

Family ProblemsI can support you (whether with siblings, parents or children) in learning how to resolve differences.

Communicating effectively is a really good first step to solve relationship problems and my relationship coaching can help you do this.

Even if others don’t want to participate in the coaching, by working with me alone, you could learn how to see the past differently. You could also develop enough self-awareness and resilience to  deal with your relationship problems,  develop more positive parenting techniques and build your family relationships.

Family problems I can help with include:

  • Learning to parent step-children
  • Resolving on-going issues with siblings
  • Ending painful rifts with parents
  • Resolving issues with siblings
  • Supporting teenagers through puberty
  • Building a new co-parenting relationship with an ex-partner
  • Parenting from a distance if you don’t live with your children
  • Accepting your children’s new step-parent
  • Dealing with your in-laws
  • Being a single parent
  • Coping with external stresses like financial or work issues

Asking for relationship help to overcome these and any other relationship problems could be the most positive step you could take towards resolving them and building the kinds of relationships you would like.

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I was feeling overwhelmed by my feelings and emotions and was uncertain and worried about my relationship and our future….With Juliette’s help and gentle guidance I was able to explore resolutions and choices that improved my relationship and made me happier.Heather M.