Life Coach

TheLifeYouLoveLife coach and personal development specialist Juliette is the ideal person to speak to if you want more fulfilment in your life, if you are struggling to achieve your life goals or you are looking for a lifestyle coach.

If any of the following ring any bells for you, then organising a trial session with Juliette would be a perfect step for you to take:

  • I want  to improve confidence
  • I think I might want to end my relationship, but I’m not sure
  • I want to focus on my own personal development
  • How do I reduce my stress levels?
  • I want to improve communication skills
  • I just don’t have great relationships in my life
  • I need to improve my self esteem
  • Where is my life going?

Juliette’s clients are healthy and resourceful and don’t need to be fixed. They have enough courage and commitment to their life to ask for help when they get a bit stuck, don’t know how to make the changes they need or just want more in their life.  She supports them to have the same faith in themselves as she has in them.

This is what she says about her coaching:

“I will be objective, yet passionately committed to you experiencing the best of yourself, in your relationships and your life.

I will reflect to you what I see in you and support you to really get to know yourself, so you can make more positive and conscious choices about what you do and how you are. As your coach I will be your supportive critical friend, your champion and your mirror.

Our focus will be on your strengths, values and dreams and by using them, you will be able to learn how to manage the thoughts that worry or misguide you and the feelings that result.

You may have heard the saying “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” – and it’s true. So now is the time to start taking action to make the changes necessary to improve your relationships and your life.

In a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment, my aim is to ask you the questions you may not have considered or even dared to ask yourself, in order to awaken your inner wisdom. This will give you the guidance you need to take your next steps forward to create the life and relationships you want and deserve.”

So what’s stopping you?

Call to arrange a free 20 minute telephone consultation 0800 612 8416


I was feeling overwhelmed by my feelings and emotions and was uncertain and worried about my relationship and our future….With Juliette’s help and gentle guidance I was able to explore resolutions and choices that improved my relationship and made me happier.Heather M.