Relationship Help for Relationships in Crisis

Relationship-HelpMy relationship help for your relationship problems has a positive and practical focus.Our first goal will be to uncover what’s really going on, rather than focus solely on the relationship problems you might be aware of.
Often, after months (or even years) of challenges and repetitive limiting behaviours, it is likely that emotions, resentment, hurt and fear overshadow the real issues.

No two couples are the same, so once we are clear what the issues are, we will design our relationship together and agree between us what the objectives are for the coaching relationship.

Through my own and others’ experiences, I have seen many different types of relationship help and support, such as traditional marriage guidance counselling or some relationship therapies, focus on the presenting problems, rather than on supporting the relationship to develop.

The way I work, once the specific issues are identified, is to help individuals learn how to work together to avoid the preventable problems and deal with the unavoidable ones successfully, together.

We will start by focussing on improving your individual personal awareness and with that, begin equipping each of you with the skills that will enable you both to make more conscious, positive choices about how you relate to each other. This alone can transform your relationship into one that works for you.

Unlike much relationship counselling and marriage guidance however, I won’t just focus on you and your partner as two individuals.  We will also consider what your relationship needs, as if it were a third person who needs to be considered too.

Once you have begun developing your personal awareness you will then learn how to broaden your awareness to include the needs of your partner and the relationship.

We will decide between us where to focus each session and the relationship help &  guidance available to you could include:

  • Moving on from resentment and hurt
  • Developing a shared vision of the relationship you want
  • Building trust and respect
  • Setting and sustaining healthy boundaries
  • Learning to communicate effectively

Ideally I will work with the two of you. However, if your partner is not yet ready to work on the relationship in a coaching environment, you and I can work together because you, as an individual, have the power to improve your relationship – both with yourself and your partner.

I have plenty of relationship tips for you too, so if you are keen to learn how to save your relationship, call to arrange a free 20 minute telephone consultation 0800 612 8416


Things were pretty dire when we started seeing Juliette, and I can confidently say that without her support and coaching we would not have stayed together. She taught us both how to communicate properly. To be honest, it also helped me in relationships outside of my marriage (both personally and professionally). Her ability to listen and challenge and really get to the bottom of issues is amazing. I wish we hadn’t taken as long as we did to start seeing her!Mr and Mrs S