Difficult Conversations made easier

Difficult Conversations Made Easier

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A behaviour I frequently observe in my clients’ is a tendency to go down metaphorical rabbit holes when they talk, resulting in difficult conversations. When they begin talking they don’t know where they’re heading, often just wanting to make a point.  Thoughts and emotions triggered during the ensuing exchange then side-track the conversation into countless tunnels, with different themes.  Ultimately …

Improve communication through self-awareness

Improve communication before you speak

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You can improve communication skills by changing more than how you talk to someone else. We talk to ourselves all the time.  Being aware of our own internal dialogue before a conversation is key to helping us improve communication with others. Just now, bring to mind how you feel before you have a conversation you think might be difficult. Perhaps …

Communication skills – seven simple steps

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Improving communication skills is invaluable to all relationship success People often assume that if there is a mis-communication, the responsibility lies with the person speaking. But communication involves both the conveying and receiving of a message, so speaker and listener have a joint responsibility for making communication work. Here are seven steps you can take towards improving your communication skills …

Positive Impression

Make a Positive Impression

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Positive impressions count, particularly in networking situations.  In a crowded market place, there’s at least one thing that will make your business or service stand out and be remembered and that one thing is YOU.  How can you be sure to make a positive impression? This quick read looks at some ways you can do just that. 7 steps to …

Women Networking – How can we be more successful?

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Women networking – are we in a different league from men doing the same thing?  Does gender make any difference to how successful we are at it? A colleague sent me an article from The Times, entitled “Why women are such bad networkers”. The premise for the article was actually “Women are not natural networkers”. I would partially agree with …