Conflict Management or Conflict Avoidance?

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Conflict management can reap many benefits. Conflict itself is often seen as a source of tension and stress and something to be feared and avoided, but it can be an opportunity for improved self-awareness, growth and understanding. In business, high-achievers will identify conflict management as the chance to draw on their creative resources and to set a new way of …

Positive Impression

Make a Positive Impression

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Positive impressions count, particularly in networking situations.  In a crowded market place, there’s at least one thing that will make your business or service stand out and be remembered and that one thing is YOU.  How can you be sure to make a positive impression? This quick read looks at some ways you can do just that. 7 steps to …

Manage your emotions before they manage you

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Do you manage your emotions or do you let them take charge leaving you out of control and saying things you regret? Think about what happens to you, for instance, when you get really angry or frustrated? What’s in your mind? How dare they? They are so…?…or worse? What do you say? Something sarcastic, contemptuous…or worse? Is the situation helped …