More happiness is a choice

Happiness – How to have more in 2016

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If you’d like more happiness in your life, all you need to do is change some of the choices you make. Yes, it’s that simple. Life offers us many challenges – a traffic jam when we’re in a hurry; rain on a wedding day or perhaps worse; illness or loss.  It can feel like these things are happening “to us” …

Conflict Management or Conflict Avoidance?

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Conflict management can reap many benefits. Conflict itself is often seen as a source of tension and stress and something to be feared and avoided, but it can be an opportunity for improved self-awareness, growth and understanding. In business, high-achievers will identify conflict management as the chance to draw on their creative resources and to set a new way of …

No more relationship problems

Relationship problems? Solve them with relationship coaching

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Professional and personal relationships can often become fraught with obstacles you weren’t prepared for. These relationship problems, if left unchecked, can lead to a total breakdown of your relationships. Choosing to discuss your issues in a relationship coaching session can help you to start thinking more positively and acting more constructively. Here are three reasons to try a relationship coaching …

Perfection or Excellence?

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Hands up if you’re a perfectionist. I am – or rather – I used to be. I used to think my need for perfection came from my father. There are only a few professions where anything less than perfection is completely unacceptable. Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers for example, don’t have a lot of room for error in their work.  …

Women Networking – How can we be more successful?

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Women networking – are we in a different league from men doing the same thing?  Does gender make any difference to how successful we are at it? A colleague sent me an article from The Times, entitled “Why women are such bad networkers”. The premise for the article was actually “Women are not natural networkers”. I would partially agree with …

Manage your emotions before they manage you

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Do you manage your emotions or do you let them take charge leaving you out of control and saying things you regret? Think about what happens to you, for instance, when you get really angry or frustrated? What’s in your mind? How dare they? They are so…?…or worse? What do you say? Something sarcastic, contemptuous…or worse? Is the situation helped …